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Welcome to the Real Estate Agent New Villas in Spain

Are you looking for a place in the sun, but are you a bit afraid of taking this big step?

Our company New Villas in Spain is specialized in selling new build properties located at the Costa Blanca. We are here to guide you all the way in the search and purchase of your ideal property. As we are Real Estate experts in Spain, we know the rules and regulations, so you can rest at ease that the buying process will go smooth.


R & J Belgium (+65Y)

Less than half a year ago, we had never heard of ´New Villas in Spain´ and now we are enjoying our own apartment, bought at ´New Villas in Spain´, since the end of February. The approach in terms of business, sales approach, customer focus and trust, both ways (customer-seller), is very important for people like us and it ran so smoothly that we almost cannot believe it ourselves. Being able to decide in all freedom, pros and cons, some adjustments, no intrusiveness .... Also after the decision that we would buy, we received all possible help from Nancy, the agent. All questions we had were passed on to the sellers and answered via Nancy as quickly as possible. The contact also went very smoothly with the local authorities, the bank, the solicitor and the notary. As icing on the cake, after the official sale, there was the friendly sentence 'and if there is anything else, just pop by'. Thank you Nancy and for those who want to buy something in Spain, 'New Villas in Spain' is highly recommended! Both for new build and for resale.

Rik & Maria Vansweevelt – Van Herck

We had received the contact details of Nancy from a neighbour, since we were also considering purchasing something in Spain. Our first conversation with Nancy felt immediately familiar, so we later traveled to Spain. Nothing was too much for Nancy, after a while we made the decision to buy our new build property. Yes, it is true what they say, you will be cared for from start to finish, our experience is excellent. We recommend everyone who is planning to buy a house or apartment in Spain to visit ´New Villas in Spain´ and ask for Nancy, she is Dutch speaking (and of course she also speaks English), she guides you from start to finish, she is an excellent person.

Rudi & Rosemarie Vanderleyden – Fallein

We got to know Nancy when we were thinking to sell our penthouse in Vistabella Golf and to look for something else. After a few conversations and visits of existing and new projects, she understood what we wanted: staying on Vistabella Golf, a groundfloor apartment (preparing for the future) and a peaceful south facing orientation. Unexpectedly we were able to visit a property even before it officially came on the market. We didn´t hesitate and decided to go ahead and buy that property. As soon as we were the owners, Nancy took care of bringing on the right people to do a few small adjustments. She was even present to help us out with the Spanish language when it was necessary. After all these positive experiences, we didn´t hesitate to put our penthouse for sale with ´New Villas in Spain´. Good luck Nancy !

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