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A beautiful garden at your house on the Costa Blanca

We deliver Garden Maintenance and Service to your house in Spain

Maintenance and Service

When you buy a property in Spain, you will need a professional who can take care of the garden maintenance of your property when you are not around. Buying a new villa in Spain is very exciting and may be a dream of a lot of people. Although it may not be the first thing on your mind, but when you have bought your property in Spain, you probably also want to enjoy a beautiful garden. We have professional people that can design your green dream in line with your wishes and create your own private place in the sun.

It may seem quite complicated to have a beautiful garden in Spain when you are not around all year around, but of course we have excellent people that take care of the garden maintenance for you. If you don’t want to have a lot of work and you like a green place around your house with a little maintenance, you can also choose for artificial gras or for example pebbles with some cactuses or beautiful palm trees.


Tips for having a garden in the Costa Blanca:

  • Do connect every plant to a drip irrigation system.
  • Plant succulents and perennial flowers for having beautiful flowers throughout the year.
  • Cactuses, palm trees, succulents and plants with thick leaves don´t need a lot of water.
  • Good looking artificial grass is a little expensive but after some time its cheaper than lawn.
  • There are many types of beautiful pebbles to create a beautiful garden and it is also good against drying out of the soil.
  • You can create a little privacy with a hedge or creepers like for example different types of bouganvillas.
  • Talk with a professional prior to starting your own landscaping project. They can often give you good advice.

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