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Legal advice

In Spain a notary only has a formal/administrative role, he does not do any checks relating to the property.

Therefore it is very important to contract a solicitor, because they do all the required checks when buying a property.

​Legal advice

We work with professional and independent solicitors. Their services include:

  • Searches at the Land Registry to check that the property is owned by the seller and is free from any debts.
  • Control of municipal permits.
  • Applications of bank guarantees from the contractor for the upfront payments (in case of new build).
  • Prepare the deeds to be signed at the notary
  • Personal guidance at the notary or representation by proxy.
  • Payment of all expenses related to the execution of the contract (e.g. fees, taxes, registration fees, etc.)
  • For resale: searches to ensure that there are no outstanding debts relating to water, electricity, council tax and community charges.

Settlement of contracts for water and electricity for the new build and ensure that the contracts are transferred into the name of the new owner in case of resale.

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