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Swimming pool

The maintenance of your swimming pool is very important.

Therefore you should make sure that the pool remains clean and healthy. No need to worry when you are not around, your pool man will take care of the maintenance of your swimming pool throughout the year.

Who has not dreamed of a home with a private pool. It looks great in the garden and you can swim from May untill October. For yourself, your children, and friends is this also a real treat to look forward to every year. For those who want to rent out their house this is also a plus if you have a pool in the garden. Swimming pools here in Spain are constructed in a special way, so they are safe against possible earthquakes. First they dig a hole and then create a framework, which is being filled with concrete. Usually the inside of the pool is lined with mosaic tiles.

Swimming pool

How to keep your swimming pool clean

A matched filter instalation depending on the size of the pool is very important. Weekly the bottom and sides of the pool must be cleaned. This can be done manually or with an automatic pool cleaner of which there are many different types on the market. Weekly the skimmers should be cleaned . The sand filter must be cleaned through a backwash when it is dirty.

Checking the water of your swimming pool

The water has to be disinfected by means of chlorine tablets which will gradually dissolve in the water. An ideal chlorine value is between 1 and 1.5. Another way which is environmentally friendly is to disinfect the water with a salt electrolysis system that the salt converts into chlorine. The downside is that the water then tastes a little bit salty. It is also very important to check weekly the pH of the water and adjust if necessary. An ideal pH is between 7.2 and 7.6.

Who to contact for your pool maintenance?

Are you looking for a professional for your swimming pool maintenance? We collaborate with Crystal Clear Pools Costa Blanca, they take care of your swimming pool so that you can enjoy a crystal clear swimming pool all year around. For more information you can have a look at their website:

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